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How To Start?

Keep in touch with your first opinion practice

It is very important that your first opinion practice is kept up to date with the treatment and progress your pet is making. This is to ensure, our mutual patient is getting the best treatment they can and we as a team can provide the best outcome.

For me to make an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan I need to know as much as possible about the patient especially if it`s suffering from chronic illness and is on regular medication. I will need access to their clinical history. To be able to do that you will need to inform your veterinary practice and ask them to contact me with their permission for referral & your pet`s clinical history. This can not be given without your consent. All that can be emailed to

For any routine treatment and diagnostic procedures, I will be asking you to use your first opinion practice. Depending on the conditions treated I may require regular blood/urine tests/imaging etc. and that will all be done by them.

I will send regular reports to your vets so that they know how our patient is getting on and you will also be able to have a copy of this if you`d wish so.

For clients that need a ‘Referral Form’ signed by their Vet, download Referral Form.

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