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Dr Kasia

In 2015 I graduated Veterinary Medicine from Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Poland. First three years after graduation I worked in a busy small animal veterinary practice in my hometown that also provided service to a local animal shelter. After intense 3 years, lots of very interesting and challenging cases I made a decision to move abroad seeking opportunities to grow and broaden my horizons. That`s how I landed in Lancaster working for Vets4Pets in 2018. After that, my path lead me to the Isle of Man where I came to work at Medicor and stayed there until 2021.

My interest in TCVM started a few years back, while still in Poland but due to lack of access to training at the time, it stayed in the dream zone for quite some time. I took my first opportunity to explore it deeper in late 2020, taking an online course in Food Therapy with BEVAS (Belgian Veterinary Acupuncture Society) that took place over 4 months and was an eye-opener to the importance of diet and its ability to heal. It left me inspired and hyped for the next steps. I couldn't wait to start learning acupuncture and the fundaments of TCVM to be able to fully implement this beautiful medicine. I was lucky enough that in 2021 Chi University with headquarters in Florida, USA launched a certification course in the UK for the first time ever and I was able to apply and start my training.

When in training I focused on learning and practicing acupuncture while offering locum services to local veterinary practices. Now that I finished the certification course I can officially offer my knowledge and service to lovely animals on the Isle of Man and present this wonderful healing system that is TCVM.

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